F.U.E.C.H. – Managing Board Meeting and General Assembly 2016 in Valencia, Spain 14.04.2016

On 14th of April 2016 members of the F.U.E.C.H.-Managing Board met at the premises of the Consulate of Chile in Valencia. President Hon. Consul General Dr. Wolfgang Breitenthaler reminded on the unexpected passing away of the President of the Consular Corps of the Kingdom of Netherlands and Secretary General of F.U.E.C.H. Hon. Consul General Frans Joseph van Lanschot and the Dean of the Consular Corps of Malaga  Hon. Consul Rodiles-San Miguel Pardo, who had both contributed via their work as Honorary Consuls to the success of F.U.E.C.H.. The President also thanked the Board-Members for their valuable initiatives to support the Honorary Consuls in the member-associations resp. to strengthen the status of Honorary Consuls on european level and mentioned again the excellent cooperation with the European Institutions in Brussels.

F.U.E.C.H. as accredited organisation of Honorary Consuls Associations in Europe to the European Commission will continue its successful path working on behalf of its member-organisations as well as to meet the wishes of newly established national consular-associations for membership with F.U.E.C.H. resp. to contribute to realisation of the goals of F.U.E.C.H..

The General Assembly on 16th of April 2016 at the La Lonja de Valencia, the traditional palace of the Mayor of Valencia, discussed the ongoing expansion of F.U.EC.H.-membership as well as new initiatives with the European Commission in Brussels.

In line with an unanimously decision of the Board with reference to candidates for election the General Assembly voted on a new Board, since the period of office of the Board had ended in 2016. The delegates voted for the new period 2016 – 2019 as new President in favour of Hon. Consul General Dr. Wolfgang Breitenthaler, as 1st Vice-President for Hon. Consul Jean-Jacques Baron Haus, as Vice-President for Hon. Consul Andreas Huber, as Secretary General for Hon. Consul Ben Vos, as Treasurer for Hon. Consul Dr. Peter Freissler and Chancellor for Hon. Consul General Dipl. Ing. Janos Bocsanzsy.

Due to his merits in promoting the aims of F.U.E.C.H. in the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Portugal the President of the Consular Corps of Valencia Hon. Consul Abogado Leopoldo E. López Mánez was appointed “Adviser to the President for the Affairs of the Kingdom of Spain and the Republic of Portugal”. In his closing speech the newly elected President thanked the Delegates and Board-Members for their successful work within the past period of office and was looking forward to a continuing successful cooperation amongst the elected Board-Members.

Members of CC-Valencia guided by their President had organised excellent Consul`s Lunches and Dinérs for the Delegates, Board-Members and Spouses, among them a Dinner at a specialized Paella-Restaurant, a tour to the modern districts of the City of Valencia as well as a high-level discussion about “Immigration, Integration and Solidarity?” with the Vice-Mayor of Valencia D. Joan Calabuig, Director of Tourism D. Francesco Colomer as well as the Director-General of the Delegation of the Valencia Region to the EU Mdme. Regina Laguna.

Discussion “Immigration, Integration and Solidarity ?”

 f.l.t.r.: President F.U.E.C.H., Vice-Mayor of Valencia, President CC-Valencia, Director of Tourism, Director-General of Delegation to EU of Valencia Region

Delegates at Mayor’s Palace to be welcomed by the Vice-Mayor

Delegates at La Lonja de Valencia


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